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9mm revolver Smith and Wesson has been building firearms for 169 years. Throughout its history the company has created iconic handguns and long guns that no other maker can match. Smith and Wesson is the single largest supplier of self-defense weaponry to law enforcement across the world.

9mm revolver

S&W’s Model 929  features a 6.5-inch barrel with a sturdy weight of over 44 ounces. The 929 is an 8 round capacity revolver with a Partridge front sight and adjustable rear sights. S&W designed this 9mm from the ground up with hand cutting and fine-tuning for incredible precision.

The Model 929 comes from Smith and Wesson’s large N frame group. The model was introduced in 2014 as a competition-capable moon clip revolver. The firearm is a Performance Center revolver designed by Jerry Miculek with his signature on the frame.

Performance Center through Smith & Wesson offers limited-run, high-tech firearms for sophisticated shooters.

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