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Federal Premium Gold Medal Small Rifle Match Primers #205M Box of 1000 (10 Trays of 100)


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federal 205m primers


federal 205m primers are built with the same high-quality primers that have made them the preferred choice of match shooters and hunters around the world. Fderal Gold Medal Primers (Fderal 205M Primers) are manufactured to exacting tolerances and made with Fderal’s exclusive basic lead styphnate priming mix, which provides the best primer ignition available on the market.

Product Overview

Federal 205M Primers

Gold Medal® prmers are manufactured to exacting tolerances, providing the same high-quality components and optimum ignition that make Fderal Premium® Gold Medal cartridges the choice of match shooters everywhere.


  • Industry-leading precision and consistency
  • Reliable ignition
  • Built to extremely tight tolerances

Federal 205M Primers


Caliber .205
Type Small Rifle Match
Bullet Style Small
Package Quantity 100
Usage Reloading


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